Hi, my name is mema, I’m 27 years.
ok This site is will talks about Some News Light & Music & Drama & Photo & Videos & art Professionals.......etc,,,
everything I liked about Asian...
Especially Korea, Japan & Taiwan
>^.^<.ammmm...so so so so ooOh I don't have waht I Say .hhhhh >^-^<,,,
ok...good luck everyone..
I hope you liked my tumblr ..

POTC MEME: [1/1 Movie] » Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Still thinking of running, Jack? Still think you can outrun the world? See, the problem with being the last of anything, by and by and there be none left at all.


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           Cute dorky neighbor boy who buys you pizza: MARRY HIM.


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